Yates-Astro: The Best Termite Warranty In The Business

We buy insurance to protect us from all types of possible maladies:  Health, car, boat, life, fire, theft…the list goes on and on.  Having a termite warranty on your home is a responsible protection all homeowners need as well.

As with most insurance policies, they are only as good as the company that stands behind them.  At Yates-Astro, we are proud to offer the best termite warranty in the business. Our customers entrust their homes to us with confidence knowing their home is not just protected but is also covered if any unforeseen termite damage does occur.

Our termite protection begins with an initial inspection, treatment, the securing of a warranty, followed by annual inspections and if necessary, periodic treatments.   At Yates-Astro, we partner with homeowners to eliminate termites, protecting their investment at the lowest possible cost.

Part of our partnership includes educating homeowners how to prevent conditions that foster termite colony growth.  Primarily, termites live around sources of moisture, so anything that produces this condition in and around the home should be eliminated. Other preventative measures include removing any debris like firewood, scrap lumber, or tree stumps adjacent to the home, and eliminating any wood-to-ground contact adjacent to your home.

We’ve been protecting area homes and businesses since 1928.  Termites have a few years on us and we won’t eliminate them in our lifetime.  However, we prefer that they eat the wood in forests and natural habitats rather than the wood in your home.   A few vigilant steps by homeowners along with a comprehensive treatment and inspection program by our professional staff will keep these tiny insects from eating a hole in your largest investment.

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