How To Choose A Pest Control Company

All you need to do is look in the Yellow Pages to have your head spin as to which pest control company can best meet your needs.   On the surface, all pest control companies look alike.  This “tip of the iceberg” view, however, only represents a fraction of what you need to know.

In making your best choice, consider the components of a company you can’t see in a mere advertisement.  Here are some considerations:  How long has the company been in business?   Does the company have the resources to stand behind its warranties?  Does the company offer a variety of service options to meet your schedule? (Monthly, quarterly, annual service?)  Does the firm have a reputation for community involvement and a track record as a good corporate citizen?  Finally, ask around to get opinions from the firm’s customers.

Of course, these are common sense suggestions.  At Yates-Astro Termite and Pest Control, we use common sense in the way we operate our business.  Our corporate commitment is to provide the best service at a fair price every day.  Value, backed by values, has built our eighty year reputation for integrity which has resulted in our being the largest pest control company in the area today.

According to Rick Culbreth, owner of Yates-Astro, “We have created an excellent niche´ between the very small operators who lack the resources to stand behind their work should something go wrong, and the large national companies whose service levels are hindered by a national bureaucracy that hinders the all-important personal touch.  As a result, we are actually larger, although locally owned, than any of the national firms that have offices in this area.”

Yates-Astro began as Yates Pest Control in 1928, providing the essential services of pest and termite control.  Today, services have grown from those basic offerings to other much needed services which include fumigation, moisture control, automatic mosquito misting systems, rodent control, fire ant control, wood infestation reports, and even special event mosquito and dehumidifiers.

The company has seen much change over the past eight decades, and Yates-Astro has responded to those changes by remaining on the leading edge of technological advances.  Living in the most termite-infested area of the country, Yates-Astro utilizes both the Sentricon® Colony Control System and Termidor® liquid treatment to create effective barriers to termite damage.  Treatment for pests is primarily administered outside the home to keep disease carrying pests outside the living environment.   Great care is taken to utilize only people and pet-safe products.

Yates-Astro has grown with the Southeast Georgia coastal area and now has offices which serve Statesboro, Hinesville, Brunswick, Rincon, and the municipalities in between.

“With good common sense customer service,” Culbreth concluded, “our next eighty years should be just as fruitful as our first eight decades.”

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