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Your builder chose and trusted us to provide all of their homeowners with our termite protection. This means you already have an active and renewable termite warranty, so there is no need to get his from anyone else!

We either installed the Sentricon® Always Active termite colony elimination system before you moved into your new home or we will very soon. This proven effective systems gives you year-round protection, 24/7 and peace of mind.

Termites cause more damage every year than earthquakes, house fires, and hurricanes combined. And homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover termite damage. They wreak havoc on the bones of your home and cause more than $5 billion in damage annually in the United States alone.

As residents of the Southeast Georgia, we reside in a hot spot for Formosan termites, making the thought of not staying up to date on your termite protection and warranty a terrifying one. Don’t leave one of your largest investments unprotected.

Along with your new home, your builder also arranged exclusive discounts on our pest management and mosquito reduction services. We look forward to scheduling a home visit with you to introduce you to our family of services and explain what your builder has already put in place for you.

Welcome Home!

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